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Agegroup Multisport Podcast (Triathlon,Duathlon,Aquabike,Aquathlon)


Triathlon as a sport has a unique part to it, where it allows everyday people to compete in a range of sports, Triathlon,  swim bike and run, Duathlon, run, bike,run, Aquathlon, swim, run and Aquabike, swim and bike, for their country against others in their agegroup. 

The Agegroup Multisport Podcast is a platform where Agegroup Multisport Athletes from around the world, share their Journey from Multisport beginner to Agegroup Athlete. 
In telling their stories the athletes are providing valuable information and insights about their experiences, we can all learn from these, which will in turn help our own multisport adventure. 

Listen to their training regimes, favourite kit, how they decide which races to aim for. Its free information from athletes who know, how to research, prepare, train, race and perform to reach their goals. 

Ive learnt a lot from having these Agegroupers on the podcast, its helping me and it can help you too. 
I don't do this for monetary gains, there are no commercial or financial sponsorships of any kind its just a way of giving back to my multisport community. 

You can listen to us on all the major podcast platforms, and on our youtube channel and catch us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.